Hawthorne Valley Farm

Traveling up the Hudson on an early spring day


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The Biggest Juiciest Piece

I am starting this blog so that my friends and family can have peace.

I am obsessed with food. I spend most of the day thinking about it, and most of my time talking about it. I’ve realized that not everyone is as interested in food as I am, so this blog is dedicated to every addict out there.

The name of the blog was coined by my little cousin, Nico. One day, as our family’s were sharing a meal together, my uncle asks his son which piece of steak he would like… “I want… the Biggest Juiciest Piece ! Since that day if anyone asks us what piece we would like… we know the best answer ; )

I am also an organic-freak, I will be using organic or local ingredients in about every single recipe. It’s better for the environment, and it tastes better, so it’s definitely a win-win.

These pictures are from what I’ve been cooking during the school year, but now that it is summer and I have access to a kitchen I will be uploading many more pictures and trying out tons of new recipes.

I plan on posting recipes from my everyday cooking, but I am always down to try new things, so please request new ones!