Mistura (Lima, Peru)

This past week my classmates and I reunited for Peru’s Mistura Festival. We all earned our masters Restaurant Management and Innovation at San Sebastian’s Basque Culinary Center last year. This adventure was an opportunity to reunite to discover and share Peru’s rich gastronomy and mull over the regional techniques and flavours.

Mistura is an annual festival uniting Peruvians under a common denominator: the love and passion for food. The fair is divided into different ‘worlds’, each representing a different region, food, or style of cooking; there is something to everyones liking.  There is also a green market for shopping for food, cookingware, and liquors.

The fair is massive, there is enough food and entertainment to last a whole day, and there still be more to see! We spent two whole days at the fair, walking around, trying the drinks and food, and observing how things were prepared.

Showcasing Peru’s varied climates, cultures, and regional cuisines were the Andino, Amazónico, Criollo, Chifa, Nikkei, y Norteño ‘worlds’.

Peru’s cuisine is heavily influenced from eastern Asia. Japan and China’s immigration gave way for new flavors and methods of cooking thus the Nikkei and Chifa’s we now know. These fresh flavors combined with Japanese influence are what inspired Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s and are still present in his empire today.


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