Hawthorne Valley Farm

Traveling up the Hudson on an early spring day


In early spring, I made a visit to Hawthorne Valley Farms to check learn more about their CSA program and about the anthroposophic community. The Hawthorne Valley is a community of people living in awareness and with consciousness just a few hours north of New York City. You can find a Waldorf school, biodynamic farms, cattle, pigs and even businesses. There’s an amazing healthy farm store with all their foods.

The community at Hudson Valley is as sustainable as they can be; always improving and looking for new ways to nurture the community and soil. They culture and grow their food in a way that prepares the land for succeeding generations; in contrast to today’s more widely spread systems that deplete soils.

They are hosting this years NYC Slow Food’s event: the Slow Food Producer Summit. The summit will connect  chefs, growers, buyers, and distributors looking to improve local food systems.

The food we are talking about is food that can nourish communities, soils, and palates.

While at the farm I spoke with Steffen Schneider, the director of Farm Operations. He showed me around the farm, where we got to see the organic raw ferments, the animals, and the greenhouse.

These cows have horns. I seemed to have forgotten this. (google cow farm) and see what I mean. They are typically removed in conventional and even organic farming operations to prevent injuries in tight quarters. The cows horns are crucial to biodynamic agriculture; they are an essential part of the energy field of the animal and they used for fertilizing the ground. No horns, no biodynamics.




Thanks to Karen for inviting me to meet the farm and to Martin and Steffen for showing me around.


I took home a piece Alpine cheese made from raw biodynamic cow’s milk. It was unlike any cheese I had ever tried. Spelt bread and cheese. I really liked it.

To me,  it was a like a tender, aged-gruyere. chewy like a younger cheese, but with bite to it.




** if you google the laughing cow, a french cheese brand, you can see horns on that cow…


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