København (part 1)

This past summer I visited Coppenhagen for the MAD ’13 conference: GUTS

I ventured to Scandinavia to have my first taste of Nordic Cuisine and here I experienced the beginnings of the New Nordic Diet.

Denmark is located in the northernmost point of the European continent, bordering Sweden and Norway by ways of the Baltic Sea, this Sea is also know for being one of the areas with most biodiversity on the planet…under water of course.

herring smorresbrod

My first taste of the local cuisine was at Aaman’s, a restaurant that offers Danish classics alongside more modern Nordic dishes… writing this I discover Aaman’s actually ventured to NYC in TriBeCa .

Two friends and I shared the different smørrebrød. I got the typical Danish The Chrisitansøs Girl’s Spiced Herring w/ potatoes dill, pickled mustard seeds, capers and red onion. The herring and pickles blend and cut through the cream sauce. I think it’s delicious. A filling dish for the cooler weather that isn’t heavy and cloying.

Snapshots from the trip:

IMG 9637 2

I had this beautiful Kartoffelkage at Café Rosa, located in the Torvehallerne food market. I’m not a sweets kind-of-guy, but this caught my eye. Wah… amazing. light fluffy potato cake with cream and raspberries, covered by a thick layer of pliable marzipan, dusted in cocoa. I can’t put it into words how much I liked this.

IMG 9722 2

Sankt Peder’s Bageri.. Cinnamon deliciousness

IMG 9643 2IMG 9640 2


Soupa Natural. Awesome organic soup joint in Nørrebro. Chili, Gullash, and beers… definitely a good night

IMG 9724 2

IMG 9730 2IMG 9728 2

Ida Davidsen. Classic smørebrød restaurant. Aquavit? yes please

IMG 9653 2

Meyers – Sourdough and apple juice at the KØBENHAVN N market. Jægersborggade is the hippest street I encountered in Copenhagen. Thrift stores, boutique food and clothing stores, restaurants bound the street with all around good vibes from the locals. The sourdough was from Meyers was delicious: tangy, great with cheese, and even better on its own.




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