København and MAD ’13 (part 2)

the journey covers an expanse of space and time,

while the memory of the destination, is limited in time and in space.

IMG 9677 2

Early morning arrivals,

calm breeze in the air,

lots of hay.

MAD ’13: Guts began without missing a  beat. Macellaio Dario Cecchini commenced the symposium with the butchering of a wild hog. It was visual, graphic, and the smell of flesh was in the air. Awesome. Ok, I am awake now.

IMG 9685 2

Dario spoke of his duties and of what it meant to become and learn the true office of a butcher in Toscana. With respect and awareness as the cornerstone values of his age-old profession.

IMG 9686 2

We all had a beautiful feast prepared by mothers from Lebanon. Thank you for the nourishment. The bread was amazing. buttery, crisp, and with a spiced salty tang.. I’m reminded how much I enjoyed it by looking at the picture months later.

IMG 9687 2

This is the real deal: Check out her nuts.

.. on her baba ganoush

IMG 9690 2

Raw meat? Yes please. Thank’s Sarah

IMG 9697 2 Extra hoppy weed beer. Apparently the THC in pot and the flavor compound in hops are both terpenoids, suggesting that pot and hops are related. Those crazy monks…all i know is, I love my IPA’s.

IMG 9701 2IMG 9703 2

The great Vandana Shivawas interviewed by my friend Esteban Yepes from Alimento Vibracional . We asked questions about Seed Freedom, what it meant for a people to be free, and how freedom to grow your own food is fundamental in freedom of body, mind, and spirit.

IMG 9708 2

IMG 9677 2

It was an amazing experience. So many interesting and passionate people, so many delicious drinks… and food.

thanks to the team at MAD3





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