Rouge Tomate – Upper East Side, NYC

Rouge Tomate represents everything I could ask for in a restaurant: sustainability, consciousness, and a eclectic fusion of flavours and styles. The food was extremely healthy, yet provocative and surprisingly flavourful.

To drink, I ordered the Green Tornado…. yum! I’ve been starting to get into green juices, as opposed to green smoothies. They are less filling and more nutrient-dense; so you can drink and eat as much as you want and still get your vitamins in! The green tornado was a blend of: tarragon, spinach, basil, and butter lettuce. Pressed with fresh mint and lemon juice. Tart, somewhat sweet, and very very refreshing.


To start we ordered the Arctic Char Crudo and the Rabbit, Pistachio and Foie Gras Terrine. The char crudo was delicious. Char is part of the salmonidae family, hence the bright orange cut. Delicious, light, and with low levels of mercury ; )

The terrine was good as well, though I was hoping for more foie gras flavour.

For my main course I had the Olive Oil Poached Alaskan Halibut. It was amazing. I did not know what to expect when I ordered it, but I knew that I wanted to try stinging nettle. The poached fish was served in a pool of delicious savory green broth (kale and nettle). The beans were delicious as well. A very satisfying and amazingly healthy dish.

As much as I liked my dish, I have to say without any hesitation that the best dish was my brother’s Cow’s Milk Ricotta Gnudi. Served with celery root, black truffle, fines herbes, and parmesan. I couldn’t resist but to clean up his plate with some sourdough bread. Amazing!


I highly recommend Rouge Tomate for their business lunch menu during the week. It is an amazing value and a great lunch that won’t slow you down!

Rouge Tomate
10 E 60th St
New York, NY 10022
Upper East Side
(646) 237-8977
Enjoy! Let me know if you give it a try  ; )
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