Tacombi – Nolita, NYC

Tacombi has a great vibe. Fresh food is served off of a truck. The dishes are simple, packed with Mexican flavours, and their fresh ingredients are vibrant in colour. 

IMG 2418

Meals are prepared and served off of the VW T1 Camper,

IMG 2419

Food is fresh, ingredients are fresh (look at the colours!). We tried their fish tacos (Above on the bottom right), picadillo (Above on the left), or ground sirloin with peppers and cilantro and the Al Pastor, marinated pork and roast pineapple. They were all very good, but my favourite was the Al Pastor. The combination of pork and pineapple is always delicious to me!

IMG 2420

Above are the eggs and chorizo tacos.  They are topped off with avocado slices….and of course some hot sauce : P

The food is served within the warehouse space. It is a casual setting, expect to smell of food when you walk out. Ingredients are fresh, food is made to order, and there is a wide selection of beers.

Great place to check out if you’re in the neighborhood.

267 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012
(917) 727-0179



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