While visiting Auckland I decided to go to go out and try one of the many restaurants on the viaduct. I had heard that Kermadec had consistently great seafood. I couldn’t leave New Zealand without thoroughly trying all the seafood I could. It just wouldn’t be right.

The restaurant has an incredible view of the viaduct. You get to see the sailboats and the people chilling in the sun.


The menu was mainly seafood, with a few land creatures in the selection. Seafood it is.

I had a half-dozen: 3 Tio Point/Bluff and 3 Cleveland Coast

IMG 1508

The three pictured (above) on the left are the Tio Point/Bluff, and on the right are the evelands

IMG 1509

The Tio Point/Bluff surprisingly had no black skirt. They were extremely plump and sweet, not briney whatsoever and had a bite to them, though they were not chewy or tough at all. The bite almost reminds me of a perfectly cooked scallop. I would eat them again even though they didn’t have the subtle briny taste I love.

IMG 1510

IMG 1513

I also ordered the Sushi dish.

It consisted John dori, tuna, salmon, kingfish sushi and sashimi. While the fish all tasted fresh, it all had the same slightly fishy smell. It was as if it was all kept together. Sadly the fresh ginger and wasabi were my favorite part of the dish. The ginger was extremely fresh, I wonder if they make it in house. The John Dory looked like it was hacked at and I couldn’t get over the smell. Don’t really think sushi is their thing…

IMG 1515

Lastly I had the Salt and Pepper Squid. I have never seen squid cut like this before, it made for incredibly tender pieces. It was seasoned with paprika, paprika alioli and lime; the flavour combo was awesome! Though it was a bit too salty, I still ate it all with no problem.

Service was quick and friendly, and the staff were fully informed about the restaurants selection. I can recommend everything but the sushi. Great place to come to enjoy the amazing view and great seafood!

Viaduct Harbour Level 1/204 Quay Street
Auckland Central 1010, New Zealand
+64 9-304 0454
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