Greenhouse by Joost:

Located at the Rocks with a spectacular side-view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, The Greenhouse is a project with a purpose:

creating a zero-waste, sustainable, successful restaurant operation.

Needless to say, it has been a huge success and Joost is shipping the concept overseas to tour through Europe. When I say ship, I mean just that, the restaurant is made out of a few massive shipping crates and can be packed up and exported to other countries.

It is great to see a sustainable operation such as this have such success. We went just a couple of days before closing and there was a line of people waiting throughout the entire service. The drinks drinks came in mason jars and the toasted almonds were served in a very funky melted wine bottle.


The menu changed and features local, seasonal ingredients. The wine list featured organic and local wines including some of the eccentric “the natural selection theory” wines.

We started out with some Sydney Rock Oysters served on a slab of plywood with some limes. The oysters were fresh and delicious, served with their own delicious sea water. These oysters have a small black skirt and are briny; they also leave a slight metallic sensation down the sides of the palate, which, for me, is a sign of a great oyster : P.


We ordered the seared mullet and mixed tomato salad . The skin was very crispy and the fish moist and tender, perfectly cooked. The tomatoes surprisingly tasted and smelled like tomatoes (it’s been a long time since I’ve had that happen!) and it was interesting to sample the different heirloom varieties.


The pasta was freshly made on-site and tasted so fresh. It was served with broccolini and was topped with a generous serving of shaved parmesan and a blend of toasted grains and anchovies that added texture and flavour to the dish.


All in all it was a delicious meal that featured and highlighted the Joost’s philosophy on food and sustainability ! We decided to have a sampling of all their macarons (which were consumed before they had a chance to be photographed : P!) and a cider doughnut for the walk back. The mini doughnut tasted like it was made with whole wheat, but was just as satisfying as any doughnut. It was fresh and there’s nothing better than a freshly fried doughnut!

I was surprised to see that even the bathrooms were sustainable! Each stall with its own toilet-sink that redirected soapy sink water to be used as flushing water; the stalls made out of repurposed plywood.


The restaurant had a rooftop seating area with amazing views of the harbor!



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