South Shore – Australia

I went down to the South Coast for one of my last weekends in Australia. I got to visit Berry and Kangaroo Valley as well as a couple of wineries in the Southern Highlands and the Shoalhaven Coast.

The drive down from Sydney was spectacular, with awesome views down the rugged Eastern coast. We pulled up a few times to check out the beaches and the views from the cliffs. It was awesome to look out over the cliffs, it was really windy and you could lean forward with no problem.


We visited two vineyards while down there. The first was Crooked River, in the Shoalhaven coast. The vineyard has quite the nice view of their vines on the rolling hills. Personally, I found none of the wines to be memorable. The second winery was quite impressive. It was built to be in “French style”. It had an awesome cellar door/restaurant at the end of their long driveway. The cellar door was very luminous, and smelled of good food; a pretty cozy hideout on the cloudy day.

We spent the night in Berry, with a delicious meal at The Hungry Duck. The next morning we drove up to Kangaroo Valley for some typical touristy activities and to check out the nearby campgrounds. Found this little fella while scoping out the river



Here are a few more pictures of the Shoalhaven coast. Truly awesome views…


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